DIR-MT MalletsHI all,

Last Monday I had an opportunity to lecture to the research, clinical, and medical team at Weill Cornell Ctr for Autism & Developing Brain on developmentally-based improvisational music therapy clinical practice and research. It was an honor to have the opportunity to share the IMCAP-ND assessment tool as well as the MT treatment & research going on at The Rebecca Ctr for Music Therapy with some of autism’s leading experts. In regards to IMCAP-ND, is was especially gratifying to receive nice feedback from  co-creators/developers of the ADOS, Dr. Catherine Lord and Dr. Somer Bishop. Following the presentation we had a nice discussion regarding our involvement in the international TIME-A ASD/MT research project as well as the the current testing of the IMCAP-ND that will be looked at in conjunction with ADOS outcomes.

if you’re interested, i’ll be posting more specifics of the presentation along with the  powerpoint on my blog.


On October 11th, along with 5 of my colleagues (Gerry Costa, Brian Abrams, Suzanne Sorel, Jill Lucente, and Gabriela Ortiz),  I will be presenting an introduction and overview of the IMCAP-ND .  For more information CLICK HERE . Also, on October 29th I will be presenting with Dr. Gerry Costa at the annual ICDL conference. For more information CLICK HERE. Finally, I will be presenting on the IMCAP-ND at the upcoming American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) conference in Jacksonville, Florida on November 23rd with my colleague, Dr. Stella Manne (Director Faculty Research at Molloy College). CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION .

Please note that all IMCAP-ND presentations are not formal training courses and are only intended to provide participants with an overview and introduction of the assessment tool.

Stay tuned for 2014 dates for IMCAP-ND training seminars

Thanks so much for reading!


John C.

Facebook: Developmental Music Health

Twitter: DrJohnMTBC

New Assessment Publication: IMCAP-ND: A Clinical Manual

Website:  www.DMHmusictherapy.com


About drjohnmtbc

John A. Carpente, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT, NRMT, Assistant Professor in Music and Music Therapy at Molloy College, is the Founder and Executive Dir

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  1. Gil Tippy says:

    Amazing, and wonderful! Bringing the world of DIR/ Floortime and Music Therapy into the world of reliable measurable outcomes! You have given a wonderful gift to the field of relationship based interventions. I can’t wait to see you presentation at ICDL in October. Great!

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