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This blog post include’s another PowerPoint presentation from the Rebecca Center for Music therapy’s October 11th conference, Considering Musical Dimensions in Relationship-based Work. This particular PowerPoint is from the Key Note presentation given by my friend and colleague, Dr. Gerard Costa. The presentation was entitled, The Musicality of the Infant-Parent Relationship and the Foundational Experiences Needed for Mental Health and Peaceful Societies.”  

Dr. Costa’s talk focused on the topic of essential interactions for infants and how these interactions or lack of may determine how children reach developmental milestones. He brilliantly spoke within a musical context and incorporated a diverse group of developmental theorists while integrating the nueroscience behind afftective interactions.

In addition, he discussed the importance of balance, integration, movement, rhythm, synchrony , integration, orchestration, and symbolization; and how these terms reflect both important experiences in the development of infant and child mental health, as well as in the development of musical composition. He later went on to to describe the interpersonal processes that co-construct the infant brain, and the ways in which certain types of affect-rich experiences help determine or compromise the human capacity for regulation, symbolization and peace. Finally, he tied his talk into how these constructs link to the IMCAP-ND Rating Scales and went on to speak to the relevance of the IMCAP-ND within helping the therapist understand how client’s perceives and make music with the therapist (within the context of relationship!)

As a side note: Dr. Costa and I will be co-presenting a Plenary Lecture on this topic at the upcoming Annual International ICDL DIR/Floortime Conference on October 28th at Montclair State University. This lecture will also feature a discussant panel that  includes: Brian Abrams, Ph.D., MT-BC, LPC, LCAT ; Amy Clarkson, MMT, MT-BC, CP, LCAT; Kaitlin Mulcahy, M.A., LPC, NCC, IMH-E®IV. CLICK HERE FOR CONFERENCE INFO

Click HERE to view Dr. Costa’s Keynote- 10-11-13

Click HERE for additional information regarding the IMCAP-ND Clinical Manual.

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John A. Carpente, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT, NRMT, Assistant Professor in Music and Music Therapy at Molloy College, is the Founder and Executive Dir

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