Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I want to thank you for your supportive replies and private messages regarding the deletion of my posts and subsequent banishment from the Early Childhood Music Therapy Network Facebook page. Regardless of whether or not one agrees with the opinions that I have expressed there, it should be possible to engage in a reasoned and respectful scholarly debate about treatment issues of such great importance to the profession of music therapy and, more importantly, to the clients who benefit from our services. This embracing of various viewpoints is especially important within a group that was an outgrowth of efforts within the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

I am currently formulating a more formal response to this situation and I would appreciate your support when that response is made public. It is neither ethical nor collegial to use one’s official capacity to privilege certain forms of treatment over others. This is a vital issue that affects all of us, regardless of our areas of clinical work.

Thanks again,

John Carpente

About drjohnmtbc

John A. Carpente, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT, NRMT, Assistant Professor in Music and Music Therapy at Molloy College, is the Founder and Executive Dir

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  1. Kathleen Avins says:

    John, thank you for taking a stand on this very important matter. I will be watching with great interest to see how things proceed from here. You certainly have my respect and support, always.

  2. Barbara Wheeler says:

    John, I was not aware of this. How can I go back and see what happened? It must not have come across things that I follow. From what you have said, I will certainly be supportive of your response to those who made the decision.

    • drjohnmtbc says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for your support. Unfortunately, the administrators deleted the post/thread before she/they removed me from the room. I’m working on creating a formal response to this in which each detail will be shared and made pubic. Thanks again.

  3. Gil Tippy says:

    You have my support 100%!

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